Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Summer Soiree

A couple of weeks ago Michael came to visit, we were supposed to have an evening soiree at Ed's, however for one reason or another we ended up at mine. We dined on chili and lime salmon, dauphinoise potatoes and spinach and avocado salad. For pudding we had my new favourite, a sort of cake & pie hybrid, strawberry and almond cake, topped with strawberries and sweetened creme fraiche, deliiish ! It was a truly lovely evening, it was so nice to catch up with Michael (& of course Ed!) and I surprised even myself with this meal, as it was whipped up in quite a hurry and with very little planning.

Monday, 18 July 2011


This is a small selection of photographs from me and Josh's trip to Berlin. Its the most amazing place, can't quite cope with the fact I'm back to rainy London now, reality is never nice after a holiday !

Berlin is a very weird place , wherever you look there are odd things happening. The street art is amazing, tacheles is a must visit but really the best thing to do is just walk around as you will see so much from just turning down little side streets !

Whilst we were there we also visited Poland for the day with my friend Michael. It was a very windy bleak day with lots of confusion but it was a fascinating place and I got some amazing clothes (including the jumper in the picture below).

(also pictured is 1. holocaust memorial. 2. tacheles. 3. tacheles. 4. Neues Museum. 5.amazing church on museum island  6. Szczecin, Poland. 7. Sealife Centre & Aquadom Berlin.)


Hello! had a busy few weeks so apologies for lack of anything. These pictures were taken last week at Josh's faux birthday party (we went to Berlin for his actual birthday so we had to celebrate early). George came and we stuffed ourselves with Pasta alla Genovese , Calzone and this raspberry and cream sponge, it was a little burnt around the edges but still pretty delish !

For Josh's birthday I purchased him a bottle of whiskey and this amazing decanter and glass set, I really wish I liked whiskey so I could use it too !

Anyway today is spring cleaning day, I am going to spruce up my wardrobe and then sell things on ebay.