Friday, 27 June 2014

Glorious Colour

I'm on a bit of an all out colour binge at the moment. Maybe it's the sunshine or maybe it's just the increasing amount of beige I see every day but I really feel the need to stack beads, colours, textures and go for it full whack. This ensemble in constructed from various items from my mum's studio. The jacket is hand embroidered by her and lined with a gorgeous floral fabric she got in Istanbul. The pom pom bracelets have recently been added to our Etsy shop, they come in a whole variety of colours and are so jolly to wear, they brighten my mood instantly. I've always been a big fan of colour, I find it very hard to imagine not getting up and putting on something bright. One of my all time heroes is Kaffe Fassett (a fellow colour enthusiast). I saw his exhibition Life in Colour at the FTM last year and it was so beautiful. I met him too which was quite the dream, I left feeling like I'd visited another world! I recently found that his programme Glorious Colour is available to watch on 4oD, it's so inspiring; I definitely recommend it.  I'm just plotting now how I can get to his latest exhibition at The American Museum in Bath! 

I've had a very inspiring week, I've had so many ideas for new pictures and projects so I'm sure you'll all be seeing some of them soon! 

I hope you are all well and thank you so much for all the lovely birthday wishes on my last post, they really made me smile. 

Outfit Details

 Embroidered jacket- Penny MacBeth

Turquoise dress edged with red pom poms- Penny MacBeth

Pom Pom bangles- Mrs MacBeth's

Various beads- charity shops

Floral Headdress- Mrs MacBeth's

All artwork by Penny MacBeth (similar shrines are available here)


Friday, 20 June 2014

Time for Tea

My birthday is coming (on Monday!) I'll be 24 but that doesn't mean I've grown up! Here I am having a teddy bear's picnic with the oldest bear I have had the pleasure of meeting. His name is King Edward VII and he belonged to my Granny. He is very well behaved for a bear; he has excellent table manners- no paws in honey pots here! The dolly belonged to my Great Auntie, who I spoke about in the last post. She has the loveliest matching outfit, I really wish it was full size! All the flowers are from my mama's garden which is currently in full bloom and looks so beautiful.

I'll be celebrating my birthday on Sunday with a 1920s tea party (populated by humans not bears!) It's been such gorgeous weather here this last week so I really hope the sun sticks around. We will be tucking into cucumber sandwiches and Dill Gin Rickey's (recipe here) and hopefully a slice of cake or two. I'll be sure to take some pictures to show you all.  

I hope you all have beautiful weekends and get to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible. 


1930s mint green and pink ex theatre dress- Vintage sale

Teacups & teapot- belonged to my great aunt


Monday, 16 June 2014

Costume Dolls

You might recognise this wonderful embroidered top from the header of my blog. It's part of a 5 part set that my mum and I purchased from Port Eliot Festival two years ago, it was hidden away at the back of a vintage tent and we couldn't quite believe the price tag; £15!

I was very interested by the beautiful colour combination and embroidery. So, in order to try unearth it's origins, I turned to my late (and Great) Auntie's costume doll collection. She had a big collection of dolls, including the costume dollies which my mum has conveniently just unearthed from boxes and put on shelves in her home. They are a much under appreciated item, I am forever seeing them at car boot sales in £1 boxes or sitting unloved on charity shop shelves. Not by me though! They are so useful for researching costumes and embroidery techniques from across the globe, as well as being beautiful items in their own right! I used them in combination with a brilliant book I purchased about costume dolls and discovered that the set is Portuguese! 

Look, here is my Portuguese dolly counterpart:

and a Lady dancing in the traditional Portuguese costume:

Source: 1

Today I decided to pair the waistcoat from the set with another folk costume which also belonged to my Great Auntie. It's actually a children's costume, although I think she used it to dress her dollies! The backdrop is a painting by my mum Penny MacBeth (you can see her paintings here)

I hope you've all enjoyed the sunshine finally popping out (I know I have!) Lets hope it's here to stay. 
Linking my folk costume to Visible Monday

Outfit Details

1920s silk children's folk costume, skirt, apron, waistcoat and belt (worn as a headdress)

Portuguese embroidered waistcoat 

Pom Pom headdress worn as a belt- Penny MacBeth

Various bangles- vintage & Penny MacBeth

Broderie Anglaise white shirt


Monday, 9 June 2014

In Bloom

The best part of having a new home is that everyone who visits seem to bring delightful blooms! I've received several bunches of flowers this week and these are my favourites; some gorgeous Stocks and Sweet Williams. I love having flowers around the house, the smell and colours never fail to lighten my mood (even when it's drizzling outside!)

I've recently dug out all my favourite pink silk dresses and jackets. They didn't get a lot of wear in London as I was always a little worried for them on the tube (it's so grubby!) Cornwall is a much friendlier environment for them. This little satin bed jacket is so sweet, it was a christmas present from my mum and it again came from our local Oxfam.

Today I've spent the day baking banana loaf which is my new favourite, it's so easy, super quick and is nearly healthy (hah!) I've also been sorting my various bits of china. I have been collecting fruit and vegetable pieces for a long time but only recently have I branched out into raspberry tarts!

I was SO excited when I found this dish at car boot a few weeks ago, it was very hard to contain myself. I thought they were going to charge me lots of money for it because I was jumping around and smiling like a loon. Anyway I asked how much they wanted and guess what? They only wanted 50p!!! It's definitely one of my best purchases ever, I have for some reason always loved raspberry tarts. We used to grew raspberries when I was small and my mum used to make the most delicious raspberry tarts in the summertime. I have very fond memories of my brother and I picking them for her and eating quite few at the same time!

I hope you've all had wonderful weekends.

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Outfit Details

1930s pink satin bed bed jacket, trimmed in blue satin- Oxfam

Floral Headdress- Penny MacBeth