Saturday, 9 February 2013

Doing the Macaroni

 So I told you there would be some changes around here huh? Namely I changed it all around a bit, its a work in progress but hopefully I'll get there soon. Anyway here are a few photographs taken quite a while ago (i.e before christmas, before writing a thesis took over my life). I originally took them as part of my university group project however they weren't quite suitable so they have been left languishing in a file on my computer. The wig was found by my mum in the greatest fancy dress shop in my home town, its an ex theatre piece, we sewed some flowers and a large bow on for added frillyness. The dress was another find of my mum's, its a 1930s theatre costume. They were largely inspired by Marie Antoinette but the make up has something of the Macaroni about it; must be all that blusher!

Image credits (Image)

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