Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas passed

These sum up my Christmas pretty well I think. It was good I ate a lot. Christmas telly highlight? definitely , The only way is Essexmas ! Genius. I hate these few days that live between Christmas and New Year, they are never any fun. For New Year I think we are going to go and watch the fireworks , you know the big ones you see on telly, exciting.

Today I spent a long time making this. 'A Short History of Gremlins'. Only available in print , if you'd like a copy, let me know.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


In love with stripes and le French chic today. Sadly my outfit choice does not reflect this as the perfect skirt is in the wash.
uuuuuuurrrr so on Thursday I am going home to Cornwall, until Monday! Excitement. Hurray. I am excited not just to see zee fam but also because I can go to charity shops and bargain hunt which is something that doesn't happen in London , as it is devoid of anything cheap (i.e under 5quid) . durr durrr durrr. Yeh. Today so far has been a complete waste of time, I have pretended to do lots of useful things. Now I should probably go actually do some useful things, thosse socks aren't going to wash themselves!

p.s I haven't gone insane, its all this free time, I don't know what to do with myself !

Thursday, 18 November 2010


I'm not sure I've mentioned my new favourite animal is a camel or carmel as I like to call them


This week has been a bit crazy insane, I feel so grown up! I've been to ballet and previews and other exciting events. Anyway on Tuesday I went to Kenwood house (see below) . Its amazing! Definitely recommend it to everyone it has such an amazing collection of paintings and the setting is beautiful right by Hampstead Heath. The cafe is also fabbbb, really lovely coffee and by the looks of things delisshh brekkers.
Today I went to see the timney-fowler exhibition at the fashion and textile museum, oh god! It was so good, not only did I get a free macaron but the exhibition is out of this world, everything is covered in fantastic timney prints and there is this amazing wall of her shirts hung up, I wanted to slip them off and try them all on! I'll definitely be going back as I think its got real scope for an essay I need to write about exhibition spaces.
Also the picture above; I'm feeling very heidiesque this week, I feel obsessed with paisley and all things embroidered! ohhhh and a new blog has been created with Ed, one of my topshop sweethearts, not sure how to describe it I suppose its a collection of everything we get up to + things that interest us, god that makes it sound dullll but I urge go LOOK .

Friday, 9 April 2010

An Extremely belated Valentines day

These are all from Josh and my Valentines day day out. We went to the film museum because the aquarium was very busy.