Monday, 6 February 2017

Heartbreak Hotel

It's been a phenomenally long time since I wrote here last. Life has been busy. Also I can't lie the current political climate has put me in a bit of a flump, and left me feeling less inclined to blog. It seems strange writing posts about clothes when everything is in turmoil. However, I feel very strongly that everyone could probably use some good vibes right now and blogs can be a great way to skip reality for a few moments of the day! So I guess what I'm saying is I'm still here, trying to make you smile/think!

Last weekend, having felt very flumpish over Christmas, my ma and I held a giant January jumble sale to raise money for the Penryn and Falmouth Foodbank. Now more than ever it feels really really necessary to DO stuff, be it big or small, to help others. A proper old fashioned jumble sale is a dying breed so it felt good revive something and make some cash for a good cause too (we raised £344 in total - yahoo). Food banks do amazing work, and they get NO government funding (mainly because the Tory's will not accept that over half the population have or will use one in their lifetime) so they are entirely reliant on fundraising and donations. 

Our friends and family were incredibly generous with donations of clothes, money and food! I picked up a few great things including these leather biker trousers that my friend Holly donated. They are actual motorbike trousers but a size 10 so they fit like a dream. I feel like a second generation Elvis in them. I'm yet to find the right occasion to wear them at so for now dancing around my living room to Heartbreak Hotel is their destiny. 

Trying to capture Elvis' insipid expressions is pretty tricky but luckily my brother and I spent a lot of our youth prancing about to Mr Presley so I've got in a lot of practice in down the years.

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It feel strange dressing as an All-American hero after the last two weeks. I don't really want to give the orange being any time on here but suffice to say what he is doing is terrible and I'm fighting as best I can here in England. I've only visited the States once but it was my favourite of anywhere I ever been. Inspiring on a level I can't even put into words. There is so much good in America, and it makes my heart break to see it being destroyed. I will keep protesting, and writing (WRITE to your MP and ask them to stop the state visit)!

 I recently joined a group called 'Let's Get Busy' which is aiming to give the left a new space to speak and act. So far I've been to one meeting, and it felt SO great to be amongst other like-minded bodies and talk how we might pro-actively start fighting back! Everyone needs to get out there and get busy, get helpful, get empowered! We've entered a new era now, it's no longer optional to speak up, you've got to get shouting before it's too late!

Outfit Details

Leather trousers - jumble sale
Denim jacket - nicked from my brother
T-shirt - painted by me (others can be found HERE)