Sunday, 24 August 2014


The weather has turned dramatically. Long hot nights have been replaced with drizzle and chilly winds. To celebrate this change of season let me present a series of still lifes, or if you like vanitas, including a whole variety of plastic fruits that I have collected over the years and a stuffed sardine. There will be more images in this vein later this week as I'm not entirely happy with the outcome of these; the light was not on my side today.

I'm always very intrigued by the English attitude to seasons. I constantly hear people say 'OH I wish it was Summer' or 'Winter really seems to be dragging on'. Sometimes I wish people could enjoy the moment they are in a little more. Change is a beautiful thing if you watch it. There is something so quiet and lovely about watching the flowers in the garden slowly fall off or the gentle sound of rain. I wish we had a word for it in English but we sadly don't so instead I turn to the Japanese phrase wabi-sabi. I recommend this book to anyone interested in thinking about change in more depth.

The outfit is a little inspired by this, if it had been painted in the late 1960s:

The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein

and a little by this photograph of my dad (sorry for the terrible quality, I photographed it in a frame which should just never been done ever, I hope you get the gist):

As you may notice there was an outfit change. I was actually originally wearing a velvet 1970s jumpsuit but it, although beautiful, is not very photogenic against this fruity backdrop! So I did a quick switch to something a little greener.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments about the magazine! It's making slow (but steady!) progress and I hope we'll have the first issue together by the start of October (fingers crossed). I did mention submissions in the last post, if you'd like to email me (details in my contact page) as I am the most likely to reply hah!

Also a quick plug (again!) I visited The Glorious Art House for their preview night on Friday and it was magnificent, I've scarcely been in more gorgeous and uplifting environment. They open tomorrow (Monday 25th!) so what are you waiting for, get to Exeter!

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend, I wish I could say make the most of the lovely weather but instead read, draw and enjoy the quiet, calming sound of the rain falling. Be happy with the here and now or as the wise Buddha says "Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment". Enjoy the change and listen to Bowie the King of change.

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Outfit Details


Green floral Indian silk dress - Gift

Vintage faux fur cap - Gift

1960s white Alpaca coat - Oxfam

1960s purple paisley Cravat - Charity shop


1970s black velvet jumpsuit - Enjoy Clothing

Faux suede 1980s hat - Vintage Marks & Sparks

Anna Della Russo for H&M serpent necklace - H&M sale 


A small amendment, I was V.heavily influenced by Derek Jarman's film Caravaggio (if you haven't seen it stop NOW and WATCH it!!) In my foggy, not enough coffees mind I forgot to include it so here:

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Far Out

Firstly a small apology for taking a very unintentional break from blog life. August is always one of those funny months which starts off being quiet and then ends up being packed to the brim. I've mostly just been making the most of all the good weather and spending as much time outside exploring. I've also been planning a couple of big shoots which you will see very soon but I thought to keep the wolf from the door I'd do a short snappy update!

I have two really exciting pieces of news number one is that I recently visited The Glorious Art House in Exeter. It's going to be the most beautiful, colourful coffee shop and gallery! It's opening this coming Monday (25th August) and I wholeheartedly suggest that you go if you are even remotely close to Exeter! I will hopefully be having my first solo show there next year too.

The other news snippet is that my brother, boyfriend and I are starting a small, very eccentric magazine. It's called arte-facts and we are currently calling for submissions. We're looking for poetry, short stories, photography and articles on odd subjects (take The Saturday Book as a reference point), although we will consider all submissions! Email us here! Also note that it will be a print publication, although in time we hope to post online content too. We do have a tumblr, lovin dis/not a lover of which we update nearly daily. The magazine may or may not be more serious.

Moving aside from these announcements these pictures were inspired by all things early noughties and my early teenage years (before I dyed my hair black and went to the dark side for a number of years). I've been on a lot of VERY long train journeys lately and my mum purchased this bead kit for £1 and we spent a considerable amount of the time making silly bracelets. I went up a grade and made myself a chocker that says far out. I really do feel like I've gone back in time to my 11 year old self. The top was a recent sale purchase from Zara when I was in Exeter. I never go to the high street and my recent excursion only confirmed why: badly made, plastic fabrics and SO pricey! This top however is made from a really lovely heavyweight cotton and was only a fiver. The bell bottoms are very old American Apparel that I got as a gift for Christmas.

My hair is heavily inspired by the glorious centre partings of Christina Aguilera and v.early Britney. As well as the 2002 film Blue Crush which I saw at the cinema aged 12 and was completely enamoured with (I am deeply concerned to learn that they made a second film). Judy Blume novels also featured majorly in the inspiration for this post, especially the 1990s editions, which were about the only books available in my school library.

The patches in the photographs are all from Etsy should you wish to indulge in some noughties vibes:

Pink Flower
Earth Heart

Sorry this turned out to be a bit wordy!
I hope you are all well and I'll catch up on all your posts now.

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Outfit Details

Navy polka dot top - Zara

Navy bell bottoms- American Apparel

Rings- All Portobello or remnants from my childhood.


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Magical Mystery Tour

Today has been a little damp and grey so to counteract this I'm taking you all on a Magical Mystery Tour! Whenever I wear this slightly barmy frock I feel like I'm living in the Magic Roundabout, the colours and pattern are v. far out.

I recently went to London and saw the Matisse Cut Outs exhibition on a whim and I'm SO glad I did it was truly inspiring. I definitely urge you to go if you are in London before September 7th. Anyway on arriving home I purchased a pack of coloured card from Hobbycraft and got to work snipping alla Matisse. My first attempts I've used here as a backdrop and remind me very much of fuzzy felts (I so want some now that I've remembered they exist- particularly the ones below).

1960s & 1970s children's telly and illustration is a big influence in my daily life and wardrobe. I particularly enjoy Magic Roundabout as it was about the only programme I watched as a small person when I went to my grandma's house (we didn't have a telly at home until I was a teenager). I just love the colours  bizarre characters and storylines, and clunky, hand made feeling of it. 

Source: 1, 2

Despite the title of this post (and loving the album) I've never actually watched Magical Mystery Tour, I am remedying this tonight though and watching it whilst wearing this dress and dreaming of warmer climes!

The trailer is great and I leave you with the song Blue Jay Way (even if you hate the song, George Harrison's suit is a dream!)

I hope you all have happy weeks!

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Outfit Details

Psychedelic 1970s photographic print dress- Vintage stall at Port Eliot Festival 

1960s yellow velvet hat- Vintage market stall

Giant brooch with enlarged photograph of crochet- Pimlico Car Boot

1970s yellow clogs- Ebay